About SEA

Shell Egg Academy is a program hosted through Purdue University Extension.

SEA is a learning experience and education opportunity for the egg production and processing industries. Through a combination of interactive classroom experiences taught by expert speakers, and hands-on learning, participants are provided the latest information on egg quality and egg safety.

The June 2021 Shell Egg Academy will be held virtually.

Logistical, registration, and sponsorship assistance is provided by Empowered Events LLC.

Virtual Shell Egg Academy will provide a “Lab-in-a-Box” (LAB) to each participant. This LAB gives participants the materials they need for the hands-on activities. All participants will need access to shell eggs during SEA.

SEA is divided into two courses:

Course 1: Live Hen Production (June 21-23)

Course 2: Egg Processing and Food Safety (June 23-25)

You may select either course or select both courses when you register.

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