Shell Egg Academy

Virtual Edition | June 21-25, 2021

Expert Instructors

Shell Egg Academy instructors come from industry, academia and government agencies – all working together to provide an optimal egg education experience.

Interactive Presentations

SEA instructors understand the value of interaction between participants, whether the classroom is virtual or in-person.

Hands-On Activities

Participants are provided hands-on learning activities, such as candling eggs, and will be tested at the end of each session.

How SEA Works

Join us virtually on June 21-25, 2021 for Shell Egg Academy.

SEA is a learning experience and education opportunity for the egg production and processing industries. Through a combination of interactive Zoom classroom experiences taught by expert speakers, and hands-on learning, participants are provided the latest information on egg quality and egg safety.

Virtual SEA will provide a “Lab-in-a-Box” (LAB) to each participant. This LAB gives participants the materials they need for the hands-on activities. All participants will need access to shell eggs during SEA.

SEA is divided into two courses:

Course 1: Live Hen Production (June 21-23)

Course 2: Egg Processing and Food Safety (June 23-25)

You may select either course or select both courses when you register.

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Register for Shell Egg Academy | Virtual Edition

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