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Shell Egg Academy

Purdue University | September 26-28, 2023

Expert Instructors

SEA instructors come from industry, academia and government agencies. They understand the value of interaction between participants, whether the classroom is virtual or in-person.

Interactive Presentations and Hands-On Activities

Participants are provided hands-on learning activities, such as candling eggs and tabletop exercises.

Pick the Right SEA for You!

Whether you need an “Eggs 101” training for your employees or are looking for deeper dive class sessions and networking on egg quality and food safety, SEA has what you need!

How SEA Works

SEA is a learning experience and education opportunity for the egg production and processing industries. Through a combination of interactive classroom experiences taught by expert speakers, and hands-on learning, participants are provided the latest information on egg quality and egg safety.

SEA offered a virtual academy in April and is now gearing up for an in-person event in September. More Details